The new War on Drugs

Synthetics – the new War on Drugs

On July 9th 2012, president Obama signed into law, a federal ban on synthetic drugs.  The problem is that in anticipation of attempts to stop synthetic drugs from entering our country, producers are already replacing banned synthetics with a new slightly adjusted chemical.  Having the ability to change your product so quickly, and the fact that it takes the federal government so long to act, means the manufacturers of these lethal drugs are able to stay ahead of the game.

There seems to be no care on the part of the irresponsible chemists overseas for America’s youth and their ability to produce large volumes of synthetics. This means that as of right now, we cannot rely on our government or any other authority to keep these drugs from reaching our community.

Numerous news stories involving synthetic drug use have been reported throughout the United States spreading fear among parents who may have no idea what they are up against.  The names and make up of these drugs can change on a daily basi,s and in some areas, can be sold over the counter under the guise of potpourri and bath salts.  Labeling these products “not for human consumption” allows the products to be sold as simple household agents knowing their intended use is far from what they suggest.

Know your enemy“, a saying derived from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has been heard by most and applied to many conflicts.  In this case, the enemy is not changing, however it is evolving in an attempt to elude the authorities.  At the age of 36 I have not known a world without destructive drugs and do not foresee one without them anytime soon.

We now know our enemy, and it is up to us to defeat it for the sake of our communities.  To me the war will be a legal one being fought in the court system. However; education still remains the best practical defense for our youth.

-Michael Boisseau

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